One of the most complicated matters when it comes to data recycling or destruction is ensuring that you are, in fact, destroying the data – especially if you have sensitive information on your hard drive (such as personal tax information, or patient or client information). Many people presume incorrectly that simply deleting files off their computer will delete the information permanently from their hard drive – this is completely untrue. Deleting files from your computer makes them a bit harder to find, but unless your computer is completely wiped, they’re still accessible to those that are searching for the information.

At Data Recycling of New England, we understand that for some – especially large organizations such as hospitals or schools – simply sending over a hard drive to be wiped can be a test of faith. That’s why we provide our clients with a Certificate of Data Destruction, which stands to prove that the hard drives have been wiped, and the data destroyed, in compliance with DoD 5220.22-M, which is the United State’s Department of Defense’s Data Wipe Standard.  We take our responsibility to our clients seriously. From there we have the capabilities to physically shred your hard drive so that there will be absolutely no way possible for any of your data to fall into the wrong hands. If your business or organization has a lot of hard drives that need blanking, we offer curbside pickup at an affordable price.

Our Certificate of Data Destructions provides you and/or your organization with the peace of mind that your unwanted and sensitive data is well and truly gone.

While we do not offer curbside pickup for private residences, individuals can mail their hard drives to 48 Macomber St., Berkley, MA 02779.