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Data rRecycling NE_Old LaptopsWe have recently implemented a Buy Back program! If you have computers or other equipment (including unmanaged Chromebooks) that are 10 years or newer they may be worth money and we’d like to speak with you about them. This is designed for customers that have higher-value disposable electronics.

We are one of the only companies still offering free electronic recycling/e-waste pickup. Complete this form or call (508) 822-2054 for more information and to discuss your equipments’ eligibility.

Find out if you're eligible for our Buy Back program.

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Program Details

  • Minimum Quantity of 40 Laptops (including unmanaged Chromebooks or tablets ) or 80 Desktops to qualify for Buy Back program. If you do not qualify you will still be eligible for our free pick up if you have 10 or more items.
  • Please provide the quantity and details of the computer/laptop including: model, condition, and processor so we can give you our best price.
  • All hard drives will be either shredded or erased at customers’ discretion – as always.

Buy Back FAQ & Information

Yes we will still take all your electronics we used to take for free.  We still need to charge for TVs and Monitors but you can use your buyback credit towards the charge.
Not a problem! Just give us any details you have and we will let you know if it is something that qualifies for the Buy Back program.
Some schools, non-profits, and government agencies have restrictions about the types of Buy Back programs they can participate in. Please give us a call at (508) 822-2054 to discuss your specific needs and options.

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