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What To Do With E-Waste You Can’t Throw Away – And How We Can Help

Most schools, organizations, and businesses are aware that recycling is important and want to do what’s right for themselves...and the environment. However, it isn’t as simple as sorting between refuse and recyclables and disposing of them in their proper containers. There’s a lengthy list of what types of waste you can dispose of yourself of [...]

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E-waste and Apple iPhones

There’s a pretty pervasive rumor floating around that when Apple releases their next edition of the iPhone, they’ll be doing away with some pretty interesting features. Features that have become, over the last 12 years, staples for anyone opening their matte white box on “new phone day.” So, what can you expect to do without [...]

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Why E-Waste Management Is Important To You

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FAQs About Data Destruction and E-Waste Recycling

What types of materials/equipment do you accept? We accept a wide range of electronic waste for recycling from computers and peripherals to small remotes and larger refrigerators. With the exception of CRT TVs, which are mostly out of circulation. How do I know that everything we gave you was shredded? We weigh your items when [...]

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How China’s Waste Import Ban Affects US Electronic Waste Recycling

Until January of this year, China received most of the world’s recyclables. In fact, in 2016 alone China accepted 7.3 million metric tons of recycled plastics alone. However, in July 2017 China announced to the World Trade Organization that they would no longer be accepting imports of 24 types of solid waste, including electronic waste, [...]

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Electronic Waste is Piling Up – We Have an Answer

For many people across the country, recycling has become a way of life. In some communities not recycling even comes with fines from the municipality – but even the most gung-ho recyclers may not realize that they’re dropping the ball when it comes to recycling their electronic waste. In many cases, people simply don’t know [...]

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