Data Recycling of New England has donated thirty (30) laptops, hard drives and power adapters to Agrimonde, also known as Haiti Renaissance Project Hope for Haiti. This organization, founded and led by President Gerthy Lahens, will work in conjunction with Eritaj Foundation to provide the laptops to thirty (30) students at the Soley Devan, “Sun in Front,” school in Haiti.

The laptops will be used by the students who are studying technology, providing them the equipment needed to work with Microsoft Office Suite, surveillance, and practice general computer repair and troubleshooting techniques.

Data Recycling of New England will continue its partnership with Haiti Renaissance and help to ensure the technology students at Soley Devan continue to receive the equipment they need.

According to TC Witherell, president of Data Recycling of New England, he was introduced to the organization by friends of his family who were associated with the project. “We saw this as an ideal opportunity to help – it was a perfect fit for the services we provide and the products we already have at our warehouse.”

Click the play button below to view a video of the school where the computers were donated.