While many schools already know that we do not charge for their collection of e-waste, relatively few know that Data Recycling New England also helps schools and their clubs, plus other non-profit organizations with their fundraising efforts.

It was at the recently held MASSCUE 2018 that we learned, in fact, that teachers, IT directors, and even superintendents were largely unaware of the fundraising opportunities available to them. Not surprisingly, they were very interested in this facet of our company and its mission. During the two-day event, we had the opportunity to share past success stories, and inspired others to inquire about how they, too, can easily benefit. Essentially, we don’t charge schools that “host,” but the organization can charge for its e-waste event hosting efforts, where homeowners applaud a chance to conveniently get rid of their e-waste and feel great about supporting the school’s good cause.

In serving hundreds of schools and towns in Massachusetts as well as throughout New England, we have proudly been offering these E-Waste Collection Day events for quite a while. To date, we have been contacted by Key clubs, glee clubs, and recycling clubs, as well as Lions Clubs and church groups.

It’s an easy process. Here’s how it works:

Call, email, find us on Facebook or visit our website to secure a date for your event.

Visit our website http://datarecyclingne.com/fundraising/

  • Details on what to collect
  • Suggestions on what some people charge for recycling select items
  • Tips on how to get started
  • Free Template of the flyer you can create, print and distribute to publicize your event…just fill in the details – Done!

Saturday mornings are the most popular, and the calendar does fill up fairly quickly. We do have the resources to host more than one event, so we encourage event coordinators to contact us to arrange a convenient date.

NOTE: We do charge for the collection of CRT televisions, but Data Recycling NE accepts up to four CRT TVs without charge to help schools. See the website for complete information, including a range of what organizations have charged.