Host A Recycling Collection Day!

How would you like to raise money for your organization while assisting your community in properly recycling their Electronic Waste and Appliances! Our fundraising opportunity is really that easy. Here’s how it works…

You can hold a collection and accept all of the electronics and appliances listed below. There is a minimum service charge of $100.00 per hour.  So if the collection is set for 4 hours then there is a minimum requirement of $400.  This charge is to cover our labor and transportation costs. This minimum service charge is waived however, if your event is able to collect more than $100.00 per hour in television or recycling monitor fees. When you book a date we will give you our current minimum rates for televisions and monitors, as they fluctuate.

For any other of our accepted items, you may attach any price you wish and your organization keeps 100% of the fundraising money collected for the above listed items. Example: Refrigerators- $15, CPU’s – $5, etc. Pricing is at your discretion.

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Televisions & Monitors

For the fundraising, it will be your responsibility to count the projection, wooden console and different sized plastic televisions and computer monitors collected and then pay Data Recycling NE, Inc. the agreed upon price for them. (Check, cash or we can bill, if needed.)

Once you obtain our minimum rates, you then would set your prices accordingly and keep the difference for your organization. Example: If we charge you $12 for plastic TVs under 27″ and $20 for plastic TVs above 27”, you would probably want to charge $16 or more for smaller plastic TVs and $25 or more for larger plastic TVs. This provides your organization $4 or more per small plastic TV and $5 or more per large plastic TV.

Essentially, if your organization is able to accumulate more than the $100.00 minimum per hour in television and monitor recycling fees, the charges for the televisions and monitors are the only fees. When you meet that $100.00 per hour minimum, you will not be additionally charged for labor, transportation, fuel or anything except the minimum recycling rates for televisions and monitors that were quoted to your organization when you booked a collection event date. Also, we can handle any amount of electronics you can generate. In fact, the more the better! We always get all material out by the end of event and all material is transported for proper recycling at our Assonet, MA facility.

Current Rates as of 8/25/2022:

  • TVs Under 24 inches: $15
  • TVs 24 inches and over: $25
  • Console or Wood TV: $40
  • Projection TVs: $40
  • CRT Tube Monitors: $15
  • Flat Screen Monitors: FREE

Fundraising FAQ & Information

1) We initially plan to send 2 men and 1 Box truck. We have sizes up to tractor trailers, if needed, depending on size of event. We tailor our services to accommodate each event.

2) We arrive 30 minutes prior to event (unless you need us earlier) and stay throughout the event. Our employees load material from the event into our trucks and transport the material back to our Berkley, MA facility for proper recycling.

1) Secure a parking lot for day of event.

2) Provide helpers to manage people and cars and to collect money and count TVs collected.

3) Promote! Promote! Promote! Please take advantage of any advertising avenues open to non-profits; there are many things you can get for free if you just ask. Local cable access, newspapers, radio and websites for all of these will usually help out. Also, flyers sent home with children can easily be circulated. We count on the material you generate to cover the costs for which we do not charge (labor, transportation, fuel) so please do your part to make this a successful event for us all!

Below is a list of all items accepted by us for recycling. However it’s your event. You may use this in your advertising or adjust it to just the items you wish to collect. Please remember; promotion of the event is the key. Get the word out any way you can. The more items collected, the more funds raised. It’s that simple. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, or to book your event today!

We usually run collection events on Saturdays. We can do multiple events on each date; however, they still fill up quickly, so please book your event as soon as possible to secure your chosen date. We have our own fleet of trucks and several trailers, if necessary.   We will clear all material from your location by the end of day of your event. Call and book your fundraising event today!

  • Electronics
  • Plastic TVs, Wood TVs
  • Computers, Laptops, Computer Monitors
  • CPU Boxes, All Computer Parts & Accessories, Keyboards & Mice
  • Cell Phones, Speakers, Video Games & Consoles
  • Camera/Video & Audio Equipment, Fax & Copy Machines, Printers & Wires
  • Plugs, Drives, Cards and Servers
  • Household Appliances, Including: Toasters, Irons, Hair Dryers, and Microwaves
  • All White Goods, Including: Refrigerators, Freezers & Water Heaters
  • Stoves, Dishwashers, Washers and Dryers
  • Metal Items (Less than 8 ft. long)
  • Metal Poles, Metal Desks, Barbeque Grills (no propane tanks) and Pots
Feel free to use this Microsoft Word template to help spread the word about your Electronic Recycling fundraising event!

Data Recycling Promo Flyer TEMPLATE

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