Recently, Morgan Stanley was hit with a hefty fine for the improper disposal of electronic data. While this reflects one of the largest legal cases, there are more, including smaller companies. In addition to the high cost of the penalty, the company will also realize the added and longer-range costs to their damaged reputation and lost credibility among clients, vendors, and the community at large.

  At Data Recycling NE, we know there is no reason that this should happen. Businesses usually pay nothing to have their data properly and safely destroyed. We provide electronic data destruction as well as hard drive shredding. To make it even easier, companies can call to arrange free, hard drive shredding at their location, while they watch form the convenience of their office. Our truck-mounted hard drive shredding mobile unit is equipped to show the process while it’s underway, from the time we scan the serial numbers of every hard drive a company submits to that batch that is dropped in the shredder, to the box of metal scraps that is then emptied. That and all other e-waste is properly recycled.

The truth is, even if the customer or vendor information has not been accessed or misused, the perception is reality; a breach of security undermines confidence in the company and impacts every level of its operation. And, it is entirely and easily avoided.

“There is just no reason that even a perceived data breach should occur, whether it’s a retail company or a HIPPA-compliant and stringently regulated hospital,” comments TC Witherell, president of Data Recycling NE, Inc.

There are so many companies that do this now, even though not all do it for free as we do, and also collect other e-waste recycling at the same time for them.”

The mobile onsite shredding is the latest feature that we offer, making it convenient and safe to properly destroy the electronic data, maintain security for every piece of client or vendor information, all without sacrificing safety or a minute of company work time. While Morgan Stanley had been grappling with these issues four years ago, before the final outcome was determined, we were providing electronic data destruction for free to both consumers and businesses with a certificate.

“We hope companies are more aware of and more inclined to contact third party providers such as ours,” notes Mr. Witherell, “because the legal complications, multi-faceted and negative consequences and all-encompassing impact is totally unnecessary.