What types of materials/equipment do you accept?

We accept a wide range of electronic waste for recycling from computers and peripherals to small remotes and larger refrigerators. With the exception of CRT TVs, which are mostly out of circulation.

How do I know that everything we gave you was shredded?

We weigh your items when they’re initially brought to us and then weigh them once the shredding is complete. Although the size is obviously more compact, the weight should be just about the same. This ensures that each of the components was shredded.

Additionally, we provide each customer with a Certificate of Data Destruction. These certificates comply with DoD 5220.22-M, which is the United State’s Department of Defense’s Data Wipe Standard

How are equipment and materials disposed of?

With e-waste recycling, we typically separate the pieces so that they can be sorted by kind: wood with wood, glass with glass, plastic with plastic, and so on. When it comes to computers, we work to reuse, repurpose, or resell the equipment to keep it out of landfills. When something isn’t able to be recycled in whole we will dismantle it and do our best to resell or properly recycle what is viable.

What do you do with the hard drives?

We thoroughly erase and certify data destruction – we can also shred if requested. Once hard drives are erased re-selling them is our first option.  If we can’t sell them intact then we will shred them and sell for components.

Do you pick up at residential locations? 

While we do offer pickup for business locations we do not offer it for residential. However, citizens can drop off their equipment at our facility in Assonet, MA. If you aren’t located within a reasonable driving distance we recommend calling your local DPW.