Thinking about buying a new electronic device? Here’s what you need to think about first.

Who doesn’t love new glitzy devices such as those that Apple creates every spring? Considering the purchase of a bright, shiny new phone or tablet to get you out of the doldrums, or even to run your business more efficiently? While you’re waiting for that imminent launch, whether the 2020 iPhone SE or the re-designed Macbook Pro 13, or the latest iteration of an Android, etc., this is the ideal time to think about what you should do to responsibly rid yourself of your current device, protecting the environment and your personal data, in particular.

Securely Destroy Data on Your Current Device

Data Recycling New England’s mantra, which has been embraced by many, is to re-use, recover, re-cycle. That is our business model. Meanwhile, we find that consumers care first and foremost about the information that is stored on their home or business device. Responding to that concern, we immediately began providing a certificate of electronic data destruction to assure every owner that their data was safely and permanently destroyed. In equal measure, parents notified us about personal information their children included-but-quickly-forgot on their tablets, and business owners fretted over their employees’ stored data. During those calls, we are often asked how to securely destroy that data.

While the experienced professionals at Data Recycling New England often destroy the data electronically, certifying that it’s done properly, there are many who prefer the reassurance of complete hard drive destruction. Watching the hard drive as it is being shredded provides complete satisfaction, according to the reports of spectators at our facility. Curiously, it is not only HIPPA and other highly regulated facilities and businesses that are requesting large collections of hard drives be physical shredded. In fact, we’ve received many inquiries about this process from a wide range of businesses and industries. Even this process is well documented for customers; we record serial numbers of each incoming device.

The Future of Buying, Saving, Recycling Electronics

The allure of enhanced features coupled with the marketing onslaught, particularly by larger companies, may soon stimulate sales, as well as the need to decide on how to retire older devices.  However, In view of the prevailing Covid-19 world, the desire to purchase may be outweighed by economic reality, for consumers and businesses alike. While the short-term demand is uncertain, we are planning for the continuing need to protect information and properly manage the electronic devices on which it comes. At the same time,  we are investing in new technology and devising new processes to increase customer service and efficiency. Stay tuned.