Most schools, organizations, and businesses are aware that recycling is important and want to do what’s right for themselves…and the environment. However, it isn’t as simple as sorting between refuse and recyclables and disposing of them in their proper containers. There’s a lengthy list of what types of waste you can dispose of yourself of and another lengthy list of banned items – and strict adherence is important. Failing to remove the banned items from your e-waste load can be costly: you could face rejection, fines, or harsher penalties.

Data recycling ewaste recycling and TV recyclingIn an effort to help ease the burden on consumers and corporations – and to do our part to help the environment – Data Recycling NE re-uses, re-sells and recycles E-waste materials, and we can help with some of the items on the banned list. Heading the state’s list of banned items are:

        • batteries – specifically, lead-acid batteries such as those used in motor vehicles,
        • CRTs (cathode ray tubes) and older televisions

We provide free pick-up of batteries (except for one-time use batteries), CRTs, many typically banned metals, electronic devices and peripherals, and home appliances (aka white goods). In fact, we’re authorized to accept or pick up refrigerators of any size, air conditioners, microwaves, stoves, and most other Freon bearing or non-Freon bearing appliances. If the item cannot be reused, the Freon is then extracted by authorized technicians and disposed of properly.

While there are fewer televisions with CRTs than in the past, we can also take any intact, broken, or processed glass tube found in televisions, computer monitors, and certain scientific instruments. As one of the largest recyclers of CRTs and electronics in Massachusetts, we strive to reduce the amount of waste going into our landfills by recycling and/or reselling marketable items.

Generally, we receive anywhere from a few thousand pounds to 35 tons of materials on a given day and we’re able to recycle approximately 98.5% of the material that we accept. The goal of either reusing or reselling used electronic and computer items is to reduce the amount of solid e-waste that actually reaches the landfill. Data Recycling NE is committed to observing stringent environmental policies and processes.

In addition to E-waste recycling of your unwanted goods, we also have the ability to safely and securely destroy electronic data stored on computers and laptops. Free, electronic data destruction and complete hard drive shredding are available and come with a free Certificate. Within the past year there has been a growing interest in our free, on-site hard drive shredding service, which offers clients the chance to actually see the process on a remote laptop for convenience, added security – and education.

To learn more about our E-Waste recycling and data destruction services, contact us at (508) 822-2054 or email us at [email protected]

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